Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thoughts while relping

I've been working with some international wool - specifically yarns
from Iceland and Canada that were given to me to play with. As my
hook twists the yarn and the length of the fibers feeds through my
fingers, my mind wonders about the sheep the wool came from and those
shepherds, shearers, and spinners that grew it and processed it. I
pick small bits of plant matter from the yarn, there are always a few
grass seeds and ends of bramble and briar that have been missed even
after the washing, dyeing, picking, carding, and spinning, and those
specks of vegetation from some pasture in a country I will never see
cause me to pause and wonder.

Goods have long moved around our world, carried by ships or camel
caravans, by horse and mule back, or by a single person bringing what
they had to trade for something they needed. What route did this yarn
travel to be crocheted with my hook? How long ago did the journey
begin? I imagine the tiny thread of contact from me to an unknown so
far away. I muse about the life of the animal who grew this wool to
keep warm and when and where she walked a field and a single seed
hitched a ride to be discovered by my hands. I'm grateful that the
simple handwork allows me this view of the world.