Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wild Rivers Wool

The grand opening continues. I was in and out of the shop a couple of times - the cookies were great, and free! I bought a terrific little hat for my daughter and some felted soap for a dear friend with a birthday approaching. Also enjoyed a hotdog from the Langlois Market. The Wool Factory and the market are enough to put Langlois on the map! I hope there are as many folks stopping today as yesterday.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Langlois Update: Wild Rivers Wool Factory

The doors open this morning at 10AM. I wasn't there yesterday so it will be fun to see what new stock has been brought into the shop overnight. The yarn! The colors Sandie and Cindy have developed are spectacular! Any knitter would be enthralled. The quality of the hand spinning is very good but I just get goosebumps when I see the colors. Plastic yarn just doesn't develop depth of tone the way a natural wool does. I used to think wool was itchy but it simply isn't so. Warm yes! Something we need year round on the Oregon coast!

And a special "thank you" to the weather fairies for a bit of sunshine this morning. I know the bagpiper will appreciate staying dry!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dateline: Langlois, Oregon!

Wild Rivers Wool Factory opens at last! If you are driving the Oregon coast you'll have to transit the thriving Metropolis of Langlois - halfway between Bandon and Port Orford. Stop at Wild Rivers Wool Factory outlet located directly across the street from Langlois Market. Not only do they carry "all things wool": from hats, socks, and scarves to sheep skins, felt for crafts, and hand felted bars of soap; but you can view the fantastic showroom rug. This wonder is stitched from individual pieces of felt, each with a different hand-wrought petroglyph design!

The grand opening is 10-6, all Memorial Day weekend - afterwards 10-6 daily through the summer. Come by and enter the drawing for prizes. Meet owner/artists (and relpers!) Cindy Schaumberg and Sandie McDonald. Find one-of-a-kind items and beyond-unique gifts! Shop Oregon and support a woman-owned business!

After shopping at the Wild Rivers Wool Factory shop, step across the street to Langlois Market for the best darned hot dogs on the coast.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blanket-zilla is done!

On the fourth try, the granddaughter's blanket finally hit traction. I just finished it on today's long drive.

Not bad, and only done two days after her birthday.

Next up on the to-do list....the pair of socks that I've been trying to get to since my birthday in March, and then this nice knitted top that I've been wanting to do since the end of March.

A knitter's job is never done.


Friday, May 02, 2008

More Oregon crochet

An addition to the Langlois post.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Relping in the Raw

My Ewe did a great job this spring, creating some beautiful and unusual lambs!
This is one of the last. I think I will have to take his fleece, card and spin it with out too much picking and see if the pattern can be repeated in a sweater... His name is Patched or Lighting Bug, depending on who is calling him..

Missing Graffiti

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that all of the Bandon fiber Graffiti has disappeared. I check then on Tuesday and none could be found.
However since I don't know where the flower was..It may be safe..
I guess it is true. Some people in Bandon have a total lack of a sense of creativity and mirth..
Must do more to help them find some. (creativity and mirth).