Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some crochet & stuff

I finally finished some stuff:

Critter. I don't know what he is.

I also just finally posted our first two finished Zafu pillows on Etsy.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

R2D2 Beanie

This makes me wish I knew how to knit: Carissa Knits: R2D2 Beanie.

Seen on Extreme Craft.

Friday, February 22, 2008

"Still" at it!

I suppose the STILL part dominates, as in silent and unmoving. Relping hasn't much been going on in my house but this morning I actually un-stilled my embroidery needle and set a few stitches to fabric. Just to show how little I've been doing, the stitches I did were into the entwined fish I was working on last August. There is a bit more done... but not a whole lot. In between I began a crochet project that I fully expect to be working on (or not working on, if lack of relping activity prevails) as I draw my final earthly breath.

Old patterns. My enthusiasm ebbs and flows not at all with tidal precision but with the same come and go. It is just more in geological scale these days.

Saturday, February 02, 2008


Here's the mock-up, my morning (and part of the afternoon)'s work:


The zafu on the right is for comparison, we bought it at Mt. Madonna years ago. The one on the left is mine, and it's so flimpy because I ran out of stuffing.

This was: 12" diameter circles, rectangular strip 7.5" x 59".

Notes for next time: smaller diameter circle (will use 11" Winnie-the-Pooh plate). Need to adjust the arrangement of the pleats on the strip so they come out more evenly at the opening and so there's more overlap. And add the handle! (I had cut one out and got it ready for this one, but when pinning it in I realized - duh - that it needed to have been made longer than the width of the pleated rectangular strip to compensate for the pleats bulging it out on the side. I think I needed about another .5").

I've got enough denim to make one more (maybe two) before I have to start buying material, and I just ordered 10 lbs. of kapok fiber. Don't know how far that will go (yet). Could get it cheaper if I had a retail license.