Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Year's project list

1. Complete the doll I started for a friend's son, which I decided to crochet after doing a test run in fabric that completely bombed and was given to NTS. Then most of the way through crocheting it, it occurred to me that I should have done it a different way, to make it look like the friend's comic book character Tony Maggot. But since it's too late, I'm shelving that idea and will just complete the doll as is. Besides, it's enough that I feel totally inadequate making a gift for a friend who makes these.

2. Complete the washtowel set I'm crocheting for a friend's birthday. My arm aches from taking up crochet again. What, am I nuts?

3. Continue working on the new Bigg-Ass King-Sized Comforter.

4. Complete the painted Jizos-on-rocks.

5. Postpone anything I might make for myself, ever, because of the lack-of-time-ever-approaching-birthdays-holidays-etc. Feh.