Thursday, October 11, 2007

Okay Ladies - Sit and Spin!

Relping this week was sit and spin time as the Langlois Relpers, AKA
The Ladies Who Lunch in the Evening worked their will on wool and

Friday, October 05, 2007

First Wednesday of the Month

On the first Wednesday of every month the Langlois Relper's venture
forth to host a meeting open to community members. We meet at the
library and get 2 to 4 additions to our group. It is fun to share
knowledge and a cup of coffee with other women addicted to the
Relping Arts. This month we gathered at the library and were
surprised to realize nobody had a key to the locked building.
Impromptu change of plans! A short parade of pick-up trucks (rural
living!) rolled down the dirt road to my house as we redeployed. It
worked just fine (thank goodness I dusted the living room earlier
Wednesday) though my husband may take another week to emerge from the
hiding place he sought after 7 chattering women suddenly arrived at
his door.