Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Project list update

  • Crocheted spirit bag for E****'s baby (The bag is FINISHED and so is the lining - I just need to sew the lining in to the bag and add the cute beads).
  • NEW ITEM: Granny squares for our crazy quilt afghan, which I will work on in the car on the drive to Oregon next week.
  • NEW ITEM: Crocheted scarf for myself out of the same thread as the bag (This is really easy and I'm about 3/4 done).
  • Vanna's flower granny squares for a bag FOR MYSELF DARN IT. (Stalled because MY TODDLER STOLE MY H CROCHET HOOK)
  • Cross stitch and dyed shirt project for MYSELF (NO PROGRESS)
  • Embroider a shirt for the House Bean with a Celtic knot. (NO PROGRESS - I need to keep working on the knot design)
  • Paint the watermelon seeds on the three girls dresses I dyed last summer to look like watermelons. (I SUCK, but I'm taking these to Oregon with me next week)
  • Lazy Daisy shirt (It's sitting on my table now)
  • Sew the two cute dresses I picked up the pattern and the fabric for last spring (This is never going to happen)