Sunday, December 18, 2005


Here's the finished bag for Lucinda, our spirit-child:

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Final, undisputable proof that I am, in fact, NUTS

I had a sudden, unexpected burst of activity today. When you are THIS pregnant and your body and mind all of a sudden tell you to get something DONE, you do it. So I made the Fimo beads and napkin rings I had been meaning to make for the past month for the kids for Yule, and I finally started pulling the waste cloth out of the poppy embroidery that is for a family friend's spirit bag, and which I have been working on for almost a year. *^%$$#^ waste cloth. It sticks and breaks, and one is left with little fringes all around the work. I called mom in frustration, she recommended pliers, but the lousy needle-nose pliers I own were not delicate enough for the job. I did get some more threads out that way, though. Finally, I got down to several dozen Very Stubborn Threads. I resorted to pulling their ends through in the middle of the cross-stitch with a needle (at great risk to my stitches), shearing them off with seam rippers, and then pulling the frayed bit back underneath the embroidery with a little tug on the cloth. My flowers are still a little fuzzy, but most of the recalcitrant waste cloth is hidden, anyway.

I also got the seed beads sewn into the flower centers. I'll post the picture when I finally finish the blessed thing.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Relper's Village

Keeping track
I must have been lulled into a false sence of security during those last days of summer. The sheep had lots of grass. The blackberry vines' thorns were hidden under leaves. So I was dismayed to find, Rocky, one of my ewes, caught up in berry vines and stone cold dead.
She was just laying there, no sign of a struggle. Only a few vines held her in place. No real indication on why she should be dead, other that she was a sheep and sometimes they will just lay down and die.
So yesterday when I was counting noses and missed one, I was again appalled that I had not been a better sheperdess. This time the missing sheep was under one of the big fir trees. Hopelessly entangled in a relped mass of wool and thorns.
The bad sheperdess part comes from having seen this sheep in this same spot over a period of several hours without my warming bells going off. The problem is they went off, but quietly and I ignored then.
I thought she was dead till I saw the weak movement of one of her legs. It took a trip back to the house for cutting tools and gloves and 15 minutes of cutting thru the numerous vines and relped wool.
She had not gone down without a fight. The ground was kicked free of plant matter to muddy earth. The vines had been twisted over and over, each twist holding tighter to the entangled wool. until he was forced onto her side and off her feet to just kick without any hope of freeing herself.
I had to be careful not to cut her skin where it had been streched tight and was now bruised, by the pull on the vines.
She wasn't able to stand right away. So off to the barn she was taken. She was given warm glucose water to help combat shock from all the trama. I pick soft new grass for her but had to gentle push it into her mouth and between her back teeth to stimulate her to eat. It took about an hour of slow feeding and more water before she would move on her own.
When I finally went in for the evening she was taking a little food on her own.
This morning she is doing better but I'm going to keep her in for another 24 hours till she has gained back a little more strength.
I guess I will be spending some time this month cutting back blackberry vines and burning them. That should be theraputic.