Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Negotiations (ad nauseum?)

Three of the executive broads decided, after relping last week, to finally take broad #3 to dinner to celebrate her birthday (past). Thus began a series of phone calls and e-mails as the two not present when the decision was made were informed, and everybody checked schedules, and agreed on day, and place. Oh, we have to decide on a time too? More discussion. This evening was to be the dinner. The guest of honor recalls an appointment 40 miles away in the next county (besides being sickish) and says can we make it the following night? Or next week? Now the complex call, re-call, e-mail begins again. Shall the remaining broads dinner anyway? And we never really finalized a time to meet. What about next week? Broad #4 will be in the middle of the Panama Canal. And if we cancel dinner so we still meet for relping? Where, since broad #2 (usual site) just sold all her furniture? Can we sense the blood pressure rising on broad #1 who is a controller and (worse yet) HATES to make phone calls? AND broad#5 and #4 seldom check their e-mail, while broad #3 usually sees hers in the very early AM. Broad #1 is about to ignore the whole deal and stay home and sulk. Broad#4 gets to wait (more) , broad #2 will wonder what the fuss is about, and #4 & #5 will remain clueless since they are the last to get the news and never read the blog either!

Wanna guess which broad I am? Yep.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Organic Relping?

My current relping project seems to have acquired a life of its own. It began as an general idea but with no pattern to work with and with only a vague direction in which to head. Each step forward has lead somehow to the next step and that step to the one following. It has been fascinating to see it develop and to find out what the result will be - rather like watching a sapling or a child grow. You know the general aim is for a tree or an adult and those have certain properties in common with all trees, or people. But theshaping on the way is so intriguing and until the end is reached you can't tell what you'll have.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Laziness personified?

Oh no, more canning news! I'm beginning to feel like laziness itself. Pangolin has been at it too and I SHOULD make some jam since the husband consumes it by the quart (he is Mr. PB&J) but instead I've been reading:

An Imaginary Life - Mark Spragg
The Ladies No.1 Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith
Small Wonders - Barbara Kingsolver

And making lists (outlines and multiple pages of concepts) for a baby book I'm hoping to create for the Grublet. Speaking of which... I shall be querying the LLRS broads for ideas at the next meeting. Prepare thee!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ugh, tomatos

Ok, so I've got 36 quarts of really fine tomato puree in shining jars on my kitchen counter. That's 75 lb. of tomatos, folks. The house reeks of dead ripe, delicious tomato. Summer in a jar.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bag This?

I'm finally posting a photo of a couple of the small felted bags I've been making. These have needle-felted and beaded embellishments and are meant to hang on the wall and serve as "spirit bags" - to hold special items like crystals, baby teeth, a love letter, whatever bits of memory you want to save for a while - or forever.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Relper's Village

Hey Pangolin, your peaches are fine. Keep an eye on them when you open the jars, if they decide to "go bad", it will be to ferment, and you'll know by the look, the smell, and the taste. It won't kill anyone. You need to be REALLY careful only with things that have a protein content. Quarts should be "bathed" for probably 25 minutes, ideally, but yours should be fine because of the vinegar content. Sleep easy. Buy a Ball Blue Book (I did...)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Peddlers Faire

Our booth at The Langlois Library Peddlers Faire was a success and great fun. Thank you to all the executive broads for their participation. I very much enjoyed the day and being with such great friends: Sandie, who always gives 150 percent and seems to be everywhere at once; Gail, who made change and was constantly there to help in any way; Cindy, with a wonderful smile and sense of humor (plus that attending comic beaglet); and Donna, who piped us a number of tunes and was on clean-up duty. Our high moment of the day was the fantastic donation we received from a community member to add to our Heifer International project. We'll get that Knitting Basket - and more!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

More canning

I canned spiced peaches last night: Then I laid awake all night and worried. The peaches are in a syrup of about a ton of sugar and some cider vinegar. Before going into the jars, they boiled in the syrup for about 10 minutes. Then after you pour the syrup over the peaches, my instructions simply said "seal jars." Being tired and somewhat fuzzy brained, I boiled them for 15 minutes. Then when I was already in bed and the jars were cooling on the counter, I suddenly realized that these were quarts, not pints, and I know that you should do quarts for longer than pints. Well, that is if you are worried about sterilizing what is within the jar and not just sealing it.

So will they be ok? I've been trying to justify what I did by telling myself that the longer period of time would pertain to canning stuff like tomatoes where you don't have some kind of preservation medium in the jar. But these are full of sugar and vinegar. Help! Help! I don't want to kill anybody!