Thursday, June 30, 2005

Relping Tonight!

I've missed the past two weeks because of a trip to California so it will be lovely to see "the gals" and catch up on what their busy hands have been doing.

The sunshine finally arrived along coastal Oregon - well, maybe one should say PARTIAL sunshine since the fog roars in as soon as the interior of the state warms up - but those few rays are precious. Yesterday was lovely and somehow I managed to have projects that kept me at the computer. Tomorrow, I promised myself, I will sit outside in the morning sun. Hah! The fog is punishing me for my lapse in judgement and it is gray, gray, gray out with nary a hint of sun. So here I am back at the computer, but keeping one eye toward the window (this explains lack of spelling and punctuation, right?) and prepared to abandon my keyboard as soon as the fog lifts. If the fog lifts. (sigh)

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Spread the Word?

So ladies, shall we see if we can get a "once a month" meeting going, maybe at the library, to extend the range of the LLRS? It might be fun, but could also lead to more personalities and the sort of inner politics an expanding club can engender. What are we up for?

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Relping Weather

Rain. Again.

At this point all the Oregon greenery and the verdant fields and forests begin to get a bit depressing. I want to be outside with my sewing, preferably in a warm patch of sunlight and out of our often chilly north wind.

Ah well, since it is soggy those relping projects will have to get done inside. I did a bit more needle felting yesterday as well as some crocheting. And I need to order a shirt so I can begin embroidery on a design I've got in my head - for me. Today will be more of yesterday, only moister around the outer edges!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Too Much Stuff!

I'm feeling very overwhelmed by "STUFF". It is one of those things that comes on once or twice a year and is probably the only thing that keeps me from being crammed into a house that is bursting at the seems with bits and pieces of this and that. It is so hard to toss out something that, as Chris puts it, has obvious value. And there are all those things that aren't being used right now but might be... someday. Those fall in the category of " I won't need 'em until just after I throw them out" things. For me those are craft items: sequins, beads, leftover yarn and swatches or hunks of fabric. Cleaning out a kitchen drawer the other day yielded a whole bunch of miscellaneous house stuff. An Allen wrench from some bygone assemble-yourself project, several buttons from an upholstered chair we no longer have, part of a package of wall anchors, some sort of hose pass-through thing-a-ma-bob that no one recognized, half a package of balloons, instructions to several appliances (some of which we've replaced) we've never needed instructions for, a woven strap with buckles (from what?), the temperature probe from our old microwave, hose to the ice maker that no longer works, bulbs for a flashlight (which one?), and lots more. I tried to sort and toss but only partially succeeded. There are still odd bits in the drawer and a few things got reassigned or thrown away. And a pile remains sitting on the countertop where it will likely stay until, in the way, it gets stuck back into the original drawer it came from. Gack!!

This morning I went three rounds with the various stacks of stuff in my sewing room. It is hopeless. I did throw some things out and organized a few things but the sad fact remains that I have too much left and too little space to put it. If I box it and put it in the attic (old solution) I can't go up there to fetch it when needed and will forget about it completely until we eventually go three rounds with the attic. There is no more room for shelves. bins, boxes, or file space in my room. The outcome will likely be a repeat of the tried and true woman's technique of "pass it on" as my "too good to throw away" gets foisted off on some semi-willing, hopefully weak or unsuspecting friend. The trickle down effect is always useful!