Sunday, February 27, 2005

Rain (Thank Goodness!)

It began to rain a little while ago. Most welcome. There has even been a bit of wind. Our winter has been exceedingly calm and dry leading to speculation about drought for the fall. We've had only one of the usual Coastal Oregon Horizontal Rain episodes this season. The locals are chanting prayers to the gods of precipitation for more, more, more!

Hungry Day

Okay, so I've been dieting about 10 months so far and I've lost 130 pounds or almost a third of my (once) body weight. I SHOULD feel great about it, right? But today is a Hungry Day. All I can think about is food. Immediately after breakfast I began anticipating lunch and my stomach is hollow. Instead of feeling successful and energetic I feel depressed. All I could see as I exercized this morning was the flapping and swinging of the loose bags of skin that remain. I'll keep on dieting because at my age the alternative is a coffin but in another hundred pounds I'm going to look like Madame SharPei. I'm planning to get a tuck and roll upholstry job since plastic surgery is out of the question (too expensive). I figure to begin with a large button on top of my head that I can twist to raise the extra skin. Permanent grin and a real flesh pony tail. Yowzah!!