Sunday, December 18, 2005


Here's the finished bag for Lucinda, our spirit-child:

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Final, undisputable proof that I am, in fact, NUTS

I had a sudden, unexpected burst of activity today. When you are THIS pregnant and your body and mind all of a sudden tell you to get something DONE, you do it. So I made the Fimo beads and napkin rings I had been meaning to make for the past month for the kids for Yule, and I finally started pulling the waste cloth out of the poppy embroidery that is for a family friend's spirit bag, and which I have been working on for almost a year. *^%$$#^ waste cloth. It sticks and breaks, and one is left with little fringes all around the work. I called mom in frustration, she recommended pliers, but the lousy needle-nose pliers I own were not delicate enough for the job. I did get some more threads out that way, though. Finally, I got down to several dozen Very Stubborn Threads. I resorted to pulling their ends through in the middle of the cross-stitch with a needle (at great risk to my stitches), shearing them off with seam rippers, and then pulling the frayed bit back underneath the embroidery with a little tug on the cloth. My flowers are still a little fuzzy, but most of the recalcitrant waste cloth is hidden, anyway.

I also got the seed beads sewn into the flower centers. I'll post the picture when I finally finish the blessed thing.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Relper's Village

Keeping track
I must have been lulled into a false sence of security during those last days of summer. The sheep had lots of grass. The blackberry vines' thorns were hidden under leaves. So I was dismayed to find, Rocky, one of my ewes, caught up in berry vines and stone cold dead.
She was just laying there, no sign of a struggle. Only a few vines held her in place. No real indication on why she should be dead, other that she was a sheep and sometimes they will just lay down and die.
So yesterday when I was counting noses and missed one, I was again appalled that I had not been a better sheperdess. This time the missing sheep was under one of the big fir trees. Hopelessly entangled in a relped mass of wool and thorns.
The bad sheperdess part comes from having seen this sheep in this same spot over a period of several hours without my warming bells going off. The problem is they went off, but quietly and I ignored then.
I thought she was dead till I saw the weak movement of one of her legs. It took a trip back to the house for cutting tools and gloves and 15 minutes of cutting thru the numerous vines and relped wool.
She had not gone down without a fight. The ground was kicked free of plant matter to muddy earth. The vines had been twisted over and over, each twist holding tighter to the entangled wool. until he was forced onto her side and off her feet to just kick without any hope of freeing herself.
I had to be careful not to cut her skin where it had been streched tight and was now bruised, by the pull on the vines.
She wasn't able to stand right away. So off to the barn she was taken. She was given warm glucose water to help combat shock from all the trama. I pick soft new grass for her but had to gentle push it into her mouth and between her back teeth to stimulate her to eat. It took about an hour of slow feeding and more water before she would move on her own.
When I finally went in for the evening she was taking a little food on her own.
This morning she is doing better but I'm going to keep her in for another 24 hours till she has gained back a little more strength.
I guess I will be spending some time this month cutting back blackberry vines and burning them. That should be theraputic.


Friday, November 11, 2005


OK, I finished the green backstitching for the stems and flowers, dammit.

Friday, November 04, 2005

At It Again!

After days and days of happily being stuck at my computer doing page design, layout and final printout of the baby memories book for Grub (grandchild in progress) I'm back at the relping. Good thing too since I've decided the book cover will be fabric with a bit of quilting, some embroidery, maybe a few silk ribbon doo-dads... My usual "fling something at it until it is done" sort of thing. In between bursts of Ah-ha! induced enthusiasm I reintroduced my hands to the joys of counted cross-stitch. That is the sport where I create pixelish graphics on fabric, trying to see how many times I can manage to sew my fingertips to the material while avoiding the actual dripping of blood on the work. My score for the former is high and the latter low.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Wasteland?

Not much relping going on with me these days. Other projects press harder - some piled up reading and the "baby book from scratch" I promised to create for the impending grandchild. That last alone should take me weeks at my keyboard, when and if I get past my "Omigod! This is way to hard for me" inertia.

But relping... I DID manage to get wastecloth measured and sewn onto a sweatshirt and the stitching started for Yule gift for the daughter. That will be my take-a-break-from-the-computer but keep working project.

The husband has discovered that Relpers are listed as a work description with unions in Wisconsin. At least I think that is what he told me. Humph. They must be some sort of usurpers. Wonder what *they* mean by the term?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'd Rather Sleep!

Winter is on its way and energy has flown off with the birds headed south. The "projects pending pile" grows taller or deeper - the which of it depends upon my mood. Cold nights and gray days should spark a desire to settle down with relping but my tendancy is to snuggle in for hibernation. Only guilt keeps the little digits accomplishing anything at all. It would help if that same emotion could prevent my brain from thinking up more nifty projects to add to the pile!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Negotiations (ad nauseum?)

Three of the executive broads decided, after relping last week, to finally take broad #3 to dinner to celebrate her birthday (past). Thus began a series of phone calls and e-mails as the two not present when the decision was made were informed, and everybody checked schedules, and agreed on day, and place. Oh, we have to decide on a time too? More discussion. This evening was to be the dinner. The guest of honor recalls an appointment 40 miles away in the next county (besides being sickish) and says can we make it the following night? Or next week? Now the complex call, re-call, e-mail begins again. Shall the remaining broads dinner anyway? And we never really finalized a time to meet. What about next week? Broad #4 will be in the middle of the Panama Canal. And if we cancel dinner so we still meet for relping? Where, since broad #2 (usual site) just sold all her furniture? Can we sense the blood pressure rising on broad #1 who is a controller and (worse yet) HATES to make phone calls? AND broad#5 and #4 seldom check their e-mail, while broad #3 usually sees hers in the very early AM. Broad #1 is about to ignore the whole deal and stay home and sulk. Broad#4 gets to wait (more) , broad #2 will wonder what the fuss is about, and #4 & #5 will remain clueless since they are the last to get the news and never read the blog either!

Wanna guess which broad I am? Yep.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Organic Relping?

My current relping project seems to have acquired a life of its own. It began as an general idea but with no pattern to work with and with only a vague direction in which to head. Each step forward has lead somehow to the next step and that step to the one following. It has been fascinating to see it develop and to find out what the result will be - rather like watching a sapling or a child grow. You know the general aim is for a tree or an adult and those have certain properties in common with all trees, or people. But theshaping on the way is so intriguing and until the end is reached you can't tell what you'll have.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Laziness personified?

Oh no, more canning news! I'm beginning to feel like laziness itself. Pangolin has been at it too and I SHOULD make some jam since the husband consumes it by the quart (he is Mr. PB&J) but instead I've been reading:

An Imaginary Life - Mark Spragg
The Ladies No.1 Detective Agency - Alexander McCall Smith
Small Wonders - Barbara Kingsolver

And making lists (outlines and multiple pages of concepts) for a baby book I'm hoping to create for the Grublet. Speaking of which... I shall be querying the LLRS broads for ideas at the next meeting. Prepare thee!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ugh, tomatos

Ok, so I've got 36 quarts of really fine tomato puree in shining jars on my kitchen counter. That's 75 lb. of tomatos, folks. The house reeks of dead ripe, delicious tomato. Summer in a jar.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bag This?

I'm finally posting a photo of a couple of the small felted bags I've been making. These have needle-felted and beaded embellishments and are meant to hang on the wall and serve as "spirit bags" - to hold special items like crystals, baby teeth, a love letter, whatever bits of memory you want to save for a while - or forever.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Relper's Village

Hey Pangolin, your peaches are fine. Keep an eye on them when you open the jars, if they decide to "go bad", it will be to ferment, and you'll know by the look, the smell, and the taste. It won't kill anyone. You need to be REALLY careful only with things that have a protein content. Quarts should be "bathed" for probably 25 minutes, ideally, but yours should be fine because of the vinegar content. Sleep easy. Buy a Ball Blue Book (I did...)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Peddlers Faire

Our booth at The Langlois Library Peddlers Faire was a success and great fun. Thank you to all the executive broads for their participation. I very much enjoyed the day and being with such great friends: Sandie, who always gives 150 percent and seems to be everywhere at once; Gail, who made change and was constantly there to help in any way; Cindy, with a wonderful smile and sense of humor (plus that attending comic beaglet); and Donna, who piped us a number of tunes and was on clean-up duty. Our high moment of the day was the fantastic donation we received from a community member to add to our Heifer International project. We'll get that Knitting Basket - and more!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

More canning

I canned spiced peaches last night: Then I laid awake all night and worried. The peaches are in a syrup of about a ton of sugar and some cider vinegar. Before going into the jars, they boiled in the syrup for about 10 minutes. Then after you pour the syrup over the peaches, my instructions simply said "seal jars." Being tired and somewhat fuzzy brained, I boiled them for 15 minutes. Then when I was already in bed and the jars were cooling on the counter, I suddenly realized that these were quarts, not pints, and I know that you should do quarts for longer than pints. Well, that is if you are worried about sterilizing what is within the jar and not just sealing it.

So will they be ok? I've been trying to justify what I did by telling myself that the longer period of time would pertain to canning stuff like tomatoes where you don't have some kind of preservation medium in the jar. But these are full of sugar and vinegar. Help! Help! I don't want to kill anybody!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Extreme Relping

It is push time for the Peddler Faire and Saturday is fast approaching. Yesterday I finished ANOTHER hat, got two more needle felted bags nearly complete (they need handles), and made the sign for the booth. Today I'll finish those bags and, hopefully, start another one or two as well as assemble a display sign for the Heifer Project.

Non-relping stuff gets done as well. After the grandaughter's visit I made her pictures of all the farm animals and mailed them to her. And paid bills. And did laundry - noticing at the time a major leak under my washing machine.
I've decided to retire the crocheting for a while and to try to get back to my embroidery. The pitti-pat of reindeer paws is echoing in my head and the winter holidays are looming. Time to work up some enthusiasm for making gifts. Yeah, sure!

Saturday, August 20, 2005


I'm mired in the midst of one of those projects that started off just fine but somewhere went off the wrong direction. It is too far along to back up and is proving nearly impossible to keep working at without gagging. It must get finished. Today the big guns come out. My Eagles CD goes on the player for encouragement and sheer stubborness may get me through. Why. oh why, oh why-oh.....? Where did this project go so wrong-oh?

Friday, August 19, 2005

Much Grasses!

Many thanks to the ladies of the executive board for making the BBQ last night a wonderful experience. We had enough food to feed a city and since you are all fantastic cooks it was scrumptuous in the extreme. And what a clean up crew! There are about 3 utensils to wash! I am humbled and deeply happy to be the friend of such terrific women. Thank you so much.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wednesday Morning Revelation

A felting needle is a very effective tool for piercing a finger. It can be used repeatedly. I have done this.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Friday, August 12, 2005

Heifer Project Update And...

Just a reminder to all that the executive board is having a barbecue next week in place of our usual meeting, 5:30PM (ish) at my house. Call me if there are any questions.

The southern hemisphere chapter of the LLRS is gathering contributions for our Heifer Project fund. I shared our idea with Ileah in Sydney and she and her contingent wanted to join with us. Isn't it nifty to be international in scope? Maybe that Knitting Basket isn't beyond our abilities after all!

Saturday, August 06, 2005


I envision those lemons on winter afternoons with thoughts of a warmer climate and a bottle of Tequila near at hand... plus somewhere else for the kiddies. (Hey, Jessica!?)

As for Fiona's shelves lined with canned goods, I recall my grandmother's shelves sometimes literally lined with canned goods as something not so well preserved released itself with a KABOOM!!! Isn't it nice that we have access to so much fresh produce these days? Not that I don't appreciate you hardy home-canning folks. Just that my personal enthusiasm isn't up to the task. I'll stick to watching. And cheering from the sidelines.

Now as to that denim I mentioned a while back. Seems my enthusiasm has slipped there too. Go figure.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Eeewww, salty!

That would be pretty salty lemonade, yuck. I did the lemons because the picture looked so cool in the book (and because I had two big bags of lemons), which says to use them to garnish meat or fish, or flavoring or....something. We'll figure it out. That's part of the adventure! I'm looking forward to opening a jar and finding out what they taste like when they are fully done. Then we'll figure out what to do with them.
Relping and canning can go together. After all, both are creative as well as a practical endeavors. If done correctly the end product of canning can be as beautiful as any relping project. Just think of the shelves lined with jars full of different colored fruits and veggies.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lemon Quarts?

Other than lemonade in the winter - what does one small family DO with an entire quart of preserved lemons? Just asking.

I'm also amazed that a very pregnant lady who is about to return to teaching school full time (2 weeks right?) would sign up for 20 pounds of tomatoes and 10 pounds of peaches. It must be something about youthful enthusiasm.

The Langlois Executive Board goes off tonight for dinner out, and celebrating Cindy's birthday. Time to discuss the upcoming Peddler's Fair as well. I'm trying to work up the energy to take scissors to a stack of old denim jeans. This will be a slash and slice foray!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Canning, not Relping

Four quarts of whole preserved lemons and 2 and a half pints of lemon curd. Whee!!!!!

I just called out CSA (Full Belly Farm) and they will be sending me 20 pounds of tomatoes next week...and in three weeks, 10 pounds of peaches. Wheeee!!!!!!

Thanks for the pressure canner, Sandie! I've been using it for boiling water bath and discovered that the seal needed to be replaced so I've ordered one. It's nice to be able to do more than four pints at a time.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Birthday wishes

Relper's Village

Ok, this is my second attempt at blogging. Wish me luck. I have exactly 5 spare minutes, so if this doesn't work, you'll never know. I have birthday wishes. Traditionally in my family, I cannot really express them until after Cindy's birthday on August 3, as it would be rude to pre-empt another's birthday thunder. But today is when I have the 5 minutes.

I wish for more time to spend with my friends. I wish to be able to say no more often to my friends. I wish for more time to create beautiful things with wool. I wish for less stress (see all of the above). And I wish that all of those wishes would apply to all my friends.

And lastly, (don't hate me, baby!) I wish for fall and winter.

And I guess I should wish Cindy a happy birthday on August 3.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The new patch for Kyle's trousers

Just when we thought we were all safe:

(The stencil was from Hipster Star Wars Stencils)

Friday, July 22, 2005

Out of control

I finished the spirit bag for Tara and Marie by sewing on the last couple of baubles:

But then I realized I did not have a gift box to put it in of an appropriate size. So out came the decoupage:


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Relper's Anonymous?

Wouldn't this be a great group to start for those of us who can't seem to keep our hands quiet? Has anyone created a Twelve Step program for the thread and fiber addicted?

I've been using up scraps of acrylic yarn to make rasta hats. It is fun to combone the colors in shades or bright contrasts and see what develops.

My daughter Alpha, a member of the California BARF (Bay Area Relping Females) chapter of the LLRS, will be here in Oregon next week. Already we have a joint project on tap and I hope we'll be able to go to the weekly LLRS meeting together. It is such a delight to find her becoming one of the relping addicted and to be able to share the adventure with her.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


What a disappointment. Half the group didn't show and didn't call. Another left early. No show and tell. Did they run off for fear I'd returned from the south bearing grandmother stories and pictures? Actually I have both but had no plans to demonstrate either.

I'm relping alone it seems.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Relping Tonight!

I've missed the past two weeks because of a trip to California so it will be lovely to see "the gals" and catch up on what their busy hands have been doing.

The sunshine finally arrived along coastal Oregon - well, maybe one should say PARTIAL sunshine since the fog roars in as soon as the interior of the state warms up - but those few rays are precious. Yesterday was lovely and somehow I managed to have projects that kept me at the computer. Tomorrow, I promised myself, I will sit outside in the morning sun. Hah! The fog is punishing me for my lapse in judgement and it is gray, gray, gray out with nary a hint of sun. So here I am back at the computer, but keeping one eye toward the window (this explains lack of spelling and punctuation, right?) and prepared to abandon my keyboard as soon as the fog lifts. If the fog lifts. (sigh)

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Spread the Word?

So ladies, shall we see if we can get a "once a month" meeting going, maybe at the library, to extend the range of the LLRS? It might be fun, but could also lead to more personalities and the sort of inner politics an expanding club can engender. What are we up for?

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Relping Weather

Rain. Again.

At this point all the Oregon greenery and the verdant fields and forests begin to get a bit depressing. I want to be outside with my sewing, preferably in a warm patch of sunlight and out of our often chilly north wind.

Ah well, since it is soggy those relping projects will have to get done inside. I did a bit more needle felting yesterday as well as some crocheting. And I need to order a shirt so I can begin embroidery on a design I've got in my head - for me. Today will be more of yesterday, only moister around the outer edges!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Too Much Stuff!

I'm feeling very overwhelmed by "STUFF". It is one of those things that comes on once or twice a year and is probably the only thing that keeps me from being crammed into a house that is bursting at the seems with bits and pieces of this and that. It is so hard to toss out something that, as Chris puts it, has obvious value. And there are all those things that aren't being used right now but might be... someday. Those fall in the category of " I won't need 'em until just after I throw them out" things. For me those are craft items: sequins, beads, leftover yarn and swatches or hunks of fabric. Cleaning out a kitchen drawer the other day yielded a whole bunch of miscellaneous house stuff. An Allen wrench from some bygone assemble-yourself project, several buttons from an upholstered chair we no longer have, part of a package of wall anchors, some sort of hose pass-through thing-a-ma-bob that no one recognized, half a package of balloons, instructions to several appliances (some of which we've replaced) we've never needed instructions for, a woven strap with buckles (from what?), the temperature probe from our old microwave, hose to the ice maker that no longer works, bulbs for a flashlight (which one?), and lots more. I tried to sort and toss but only partially succeeded. There are still odd bits in the drawer and a few things got reassigned or thrown away. And a pile remains sitting on the countertop where it will likely stay until, in the way, it gets stuck back into the original drawer it came from. Gack!!

This morning I went three rounds with the various stacks of stuff in my sewing room. It is hopeless. I did throw some things out and organized a few things but the sad fact remains that I have too much left and too little space to put it. If I box it and put it in the attic (old solution) I can't go up there to fetch it when needed and will forget about it completely until we eventually go three rounds with the attic. There is no more room for shelves. bins, boxes, or file space in my room. The outcome will likely be a repeat of the tried and true woman's technique of "pass it on" as my "too good to throw away" gets foisted off on some semi-willing, hopefully weak or unsuspecting friend. The trickle down effect is always useful!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Woe is Me...

I'd convinced myself that it was good to have some "time off" without a project, other than the ongoing relping night afghan, to fuss over. A summer of reading perhaps? Doing some yard work? Cleaning house?

But then Fiona showed me some quilting magazines she had. Lovely ideas and designs. My mind raced off before I could stop it. "That would be such fun to do on a denim shirt!" "Oh, wouldn't this be gorgeous if I changed it a bit and tried it on a sweatshirt?" The magazines came home with me so I can copy the inspiring pages into my IDEAS book and my fingers are already twitching in anticipation of letting a needle loose. So much for that Ain't Doin' Nuthin' summer!

And thanks, Fiona, for again bringing up my idea of us coing something as a group for The Heifer Project.

Monday, May 23, 2005


The field of snow is done. It seemed to be about million miles around the outside edge. Now to figure out what to do with it. The entire project was a whim because of my need to crochet. But whatever do you do with a finished WHITE afghan?

Yesterday I did a small bit of needle felting. Today perhaps some more. And there is some machine sewing (mending) to be done. Then another large project to contemplate?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Getting to the orange bits

I finally finished all the feathery green leafy bits on the poppies (about four different shades of greeny/grey) and got to start in on the orange flower bits while sitting in the emergency room last night.


All that yarn has now become one contiguous field of creamy white and as I sit working on the border it feels as if my lap is covered with a mound of warm, pee-dyed snow. Some trick of the light makes some of the blocks appear more yellowed than others, though I know that blocks on either side were made from the same skein of yarn. Interesting and slightly dismaying illusion.

So, any of you guys working of projects? Are you all being strong silent types or am I out here alone, except for pangolin, of course?

Monday, May 16, 2005

Poppies will make them sleep

I'm stalled on the latest embroidery project, which is of California poppies on fabric that will eventually become a spirit bag for a friend's baby. I'm just so tired these days and can't seem to apply the needed brain power for counted cross-stitch.

We're having difficulty getting the Bay Area Relping Females (BARF) to meet regularly. Everything is just so scheduled around here and everybody is busy. We're barely managing to meet once a month! We were going to meet this Saturday, but two of us have lumpy, farty males who are going in for surgery this Friday (one is my husband, two is Jessica's dog Max). So we've had to postpone for Memorial Day weekend.

Toot Your Horn!

So, it seems like time to hear everybody brag about the current relping project they are into. There MUST be something interesting going on. Please assure me it is so. I'm the laziest one of the group and even with this past week of flu (gad, does it ever stop?) I've gotten strips made from the dreaded afghan blocks. If my aching head will allow the goal is to make one big hunk from the nine skinny bits on hand. Time to begin deciding what the next project will be. This one has assumed non-portability!

So watcha all doing?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rain, rain. rain!!

It figures that YOU would be pleased with the rain, even if we were sans drought and paddling from hill to hill on homemade kayaks! I'm over here hoping for at least a temporary respite sometime before our sheep require waterwings.

My smug "back to the afghan" was a tad premature. First there was the swarm of bees in the kitchen cupboard (thank goodness Fiona was around to rescue me) and then a sick kitty. $200 later and kitty is a bit better but still not herself and she is intent upon being cuddled in Mama's arms. So much for relping of any kind! And so much for further blogging since she is beside me demanding to have her bed (moi) back. Maybe someday I'll have a real lap instead of a big belly? It would make my job as cat mattress easier.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Relper's Village

Relper's Village Nothing could possibly be as cute as a puppy. I choose to disbelieve the puppy. He makes my voice go all high and squeaky.

Can't get motivated fiber wise. I have a pile of paperwork to do that is scary, bank refinancing, Conservancy worksheets, eek! Husband in midlife crisis mode, too. It just doesn't get any better than this.

But the good news is, the drought, while not over, is definitely in remission.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Post Relping Blahs

Friday is sometimes a bit of a letdown after the hilarity of a relping. Watching Tivo, uh, Tyco, Tonto... Toyo? (I like Leman better!) try to prance around and intimidate the bigger kids was a scream. Is anything ever that young, cute, innocent and sweet?

It is good to get back to my afghan. The book won out yesterday but now that it is done I can get going again. Nine blocks and counting. Why did I leave the most complicated ones with the most confusing patterns for last? Oh, THAT'S why.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Another Thursday

I did accomplish some relping this week. My sewing machine got dusted off and I made a birthday blouse for my daughter and had enough scraps remaining to eke out a summer top for my grandtoddler. Both are n the mail.

My back is in spasm which will be a lovely excuse to avoid today's laundry and house cleaning, not that I ever seem to need an excuse, so with luck The Afghan can get some attention. There is only one more row of blocks to tackle but motivation has waned. It doen't help that there is a marvelous book sitting close to my elbow stealing the show. Book, crocheting, book, crocheting, book...

Friday, April 29, 2005


Isn't it amazing how the topics that arise for discussion at a relping meeting stray from the subject of relping? Of course if we believe that life is the "tangled web we weave" I suppose last night's chat COULD fit under the general category as Arachne plays out her threads. I'm thinking my particular set have yielded a puzzle like the bits and bobs at the bottom of the yarn bin. Still usable, perhaps, but needing quite a bit of work to tidy the mess and maybe a good shaking, washing, and some fabric softener in the rinse!

Monday, April 25, 2005

I'm Home!

Hey Relpers! I'm back in Langlois after a long sojourn into civilization(?) south. Haven't relped in more than two weeks and probably won't until I get the home front back in some sort of order. I bet you can guess nothing domestic got handled while I was in absentia.

I did wander into a Beverly's Fabric (and general craft imporium) whilst in the southlands (Thanks, Pangolin!) and the experience was daunting. I could have spent a fortune on fabric and thread and yarn and needles and ribbons and buttons and.... if I'd HAD a fortune. As it was I drolled a lot and tried to focus on my accompanying grand-daughter to keep my mind away from the goodies on the shelves. Brought back material for a blouse and a sense of virtue. (Booh! Hiss!)

See the local team Thursday night?

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Mom introduced me to decoupage this weekend. Actually, she didn't do the introducing, she just knew the stuff to get when we went to the crafts store. (This isn't exactly relping, by the way) I had been saving the little tins that mints come in - my husband has a thing about always having mints in the car, kind of like one of those things his mother did that he now needs to carry on with. This evening I decoupaged decorations onto one of the tins. I saw somebody do this several years ago and turn it into an emergency travel sewing kit. It looks nice.

I've also been lazy-daisying a shirt. Pictures will follow.

As I was typing the previous sentence I heard The Toddler's voice from the other room where she's been sleeping for the past hour. I went in and she looked up at me and said, "Mommy, I'm asleep, I'm asleep." I said, "You are," and popped the binky back into her mouth, whereupon she closed her eyes and was out again (still?). Cute.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

figured it out

Relper's Village
Well I finally figured out how to do this. So I will see how well this works.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Here's my rose

Here's a (fairly) close-up view of the rose after I finished embroidering it. This is from Sabbat Entertaining by Willow Polson:

There's a lot of Wabi-sabi going on in this. There's even more going on in the finished product:

The pillow got a little deformed. I had a toddler crawling all over me while I was trying to finish it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

It's stuffed with rose petals and batting.

It worked?!

The invitation to join your blog worked for me - But then again, I was already a blogger member so I didn't have to go through a whole bunch of kack.

We had our second Bay Area Relping meeting on Saturday. Elle worked on circle skirts for both her boys (don't ask), Jessica knitted a hat with VeryFun Chenille, and I finally finished the &^%$ rose pillow for my mother in law. I will post a picture soon. The relp actually went into the next day as Jessica and I took a field trip to the fabric store and went back home for more stitiching.

Got It!

The second square is now also progressing nicely. I only had to rip it out 10 or 12 times so far. I'll bring the results to Thursday night's Relping session to show off. Hope to see the entire group there!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Subdued the Square!

Relper's Village
It is great knowing I can ask the relping group for help but irritating thinking I can't do it myself. Stubborn (who me?) and determined, this morning I figured out one of the squares. Yes, it was a brain problem and not a faulty pattern. Wanto to make bets on whether I subdue the other square?

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Relping Help

Relper's VillageThe afghan has hit a major snag with me struggling to understand the pattern for 2 separate blocks. I don't know if it is faulty instructions (I've found errors in a couple of other blocks) or my brain being caught in a senior snag. If I can't figure them out I hope the other experienced crochet types will grab their hooks and follow along next session and help enlighten me. Please?

AND... I have additions to the webpage ready to go. Now to get my resident geek to upload them to my website!

Friday, April 01, 2005

I'm in! I'm in!

Ah, technology. After the initial purchase of all this hardware, and the many hours spent trying to learn the software, I can type a message to my next door neighbor. In truth I think it's a miracle, since I'm so sick I can't see my friends in person. This is a test. If this were more than a test, there would be something worth reading here.


Relper's VillageMy last couple of postings have disappeared into the ether. Don't know what I'm doing wrong but here's another try. The Langlois Ladies Relping Society have been invited to join this blog. Hope they don't have as much problem as I've had with it. Technology sometimes gets beyond my "almost sixty" brain!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Langlois Ladies Relping Society

Hang in there ladies. I'll figure this blog thing out eventually!

The executive board has received invitations to join this blog. I hope to see some postings soon. Of course it will help if I got the settings right, won't it?

Langlois Ladies Relping Society

Relper's VillageThe executive committee has been invited to join the group so this can now become an "official" LLRS blog. Now we'll need to decide if the various national and international groups will also be invited in. I wonder where the path will take us?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Relper's Village

Relper's VillageI'm so sad (and tired of hearing) about Terry Schaivo. It seems the Right to Life does not include The Right to Die. I wonder how soon the activists will insist that no-one, no matter how sick, must be kept alive and on machines for eternity. And poor Terry. Her soul is kept from returning to her God by a bunch of people so fearful of death they will do anything to keep her from it.

It is clear we all need to make our wishes known. My family and friends are well aware I would not want Terry's fate. When the time is come, let me go! I'm in no hurry but when fate calls don't hook me up to machines to prevent my departure. And if I want to go sooner... Get outta my way!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Pet Peeve #1

Relper's Village
(This term was given to me by a long time Alaska resident...)
My husband and I went for a picnic today and driving through lovely countyside we repeatedly came upon houses with yards full of trash and throw-away junk: old cars, rusty farm equipment, abandoned machinery, oil or chemical drums, plastic containers... you name it and it was there. Why some human beings seem content to live amongst their own debris is beyond me. Wildflowers are blooming, the sky is bright and blue and there is another pile of man made waste and garbage. I believe even more in the wording on a wall hanging a friend once gave me:

Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do. Or do without." I'd add RECYCLE!!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Relper's Village

Relper's Village
The Langlois Ladies Relping Society had our weekly meeting last night. Is there anything more bawdy than a gaggle of middle-aged women getting together for an evening? We compare the various relping projects going and launch into discussion of politics, husbands, and society in general. It gets hysterically funny and is often the high point of my week.

Thank you gals!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Less than a year ago I couldn't walk from one end of my house to the other without getting light-headed and out of breath. Today I walked the dirt road to the highway and back... about half a mile roundtrip. With the damage to the ligaments in my knees there are no marathons in my future but the smaller victories are wonderful. It feels like champagne and fireworks and rousing band music all around!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Rain (Thank Goodness!)

It began to rain a little while ago. Most welcome. There has even been a bit of wind. Our winter has been exceedingly calm and dry leading to speculation about drought for the fall. We've had only one of the usual Coastal Oregon Horizontal Rain episodes this season. The locals are chanting prayers to the gods of precipitation for more, more, more!

Hungry Day

Okay, so I've been dieting about 10 months so far and I've lost 130 pounds or almost a third of my (once) body weight. I SHOULD feel great about it, right? But today is a Hungry Day. All I can think about is food. Immediately after breakfast I began anticipating lunch and my stomach is hollow. Instead of feeling successful and energetic I feel depressed. All I could see as I exercized this morning was the flapping and swinging of the loose bags of skin that remain. I'll keep on dieting because at my age the alternative is a coffin but in another hundred pounds I'm going to look like Madame SharPei. I'm planning to get a tuck and roll upholstry job since plastic surgery is out of the question (too expensive). I figure to begin with a large button on top of my head that I can twist to raise the extra skin. Permanent grin and a real flesh pony tail. Yowzah!!